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Cocoa Coins - Dark Chocolate Flavored



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Order by 3pm EST, ships same day.

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Product Information

High quality dark chocolate flavored coins with no tempering required

Carefully made from bean to cocoa, these cocoa coins are crafted with generations of French artisan confection-making experience. A rich dark chocolate flavor leads into subtle vanilla complex after notes, These coins are made with all-natural ingredients to showcase the natural terroir and post-harvest practices. When making these cocoa coins, we use certified cacao beans with respect to Mother Nature, transforming the natural beauty of cacao into uniform coins.

By substituting cocoa butter with non-hydrogenated oils, no tempering is required and they are ready to use right out of the bag. These cocoa coins can be melted immediately without thae hassle and time that a tempering process requires. Melt in the microwave or stovetop, ready to use in minutes.


Avaliable in 3 Sizes

  • Ingredients

    Sugar, palm kernel and palm oils, cocoa (processed with potassium carbonate), nonfat milk, sunflower lecithin and vanilla

  • No Hydrogenated Oils

    These type of oils can increase bad cholestrol and affect heart health. Our oils are never hydrogenated

  • Nothing Artificial

    No artificial flavors or colors

  • Manufacturing Facility

    Made in a peanut-free, tree-nut free, & gluten free manufacturering facility

  • Pure Vanilla Extract

    We use real vanilla instend of vanilla or aerifical flavors

  • Soy Free

    Made with healthier sunflower lecithin instend of soy lecithin

Diverse Applications

No-Melt Guarantee

In warm weather areas, we ship with ice packs and silver insulated pouches.

If your order arrives melted, we recommend freezing to re-solidify so you don't have to wait for a replacement.

We will refund or replace any melted product, guaranteed.

Professional or Home Use

Cocoa coins are offered in small and large pack sizes, therefore suitable for professionals chefs or small batches for home use.

Used by professional pastry chefs, chocolatiers, and bakeries worldwide.

No Tempering Required

Ready to use right out of the bag, these cocoa coins can be melted immediately without the hassle and time that a tempering process requires.

NOTE: Do not overheat! Cocoa coins will lose consistency if overheated or if liquid is added. if this occurs, add 2 teaspoons of vegetable shortening per 12 oz (340 g) of Cocoa Coins.

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