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SKU : 1982

Crispy Chocolate Pearls Decor | Salted Caramel Flavored



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  • 100% REAL CHOCOLATE: made with real chocolate and cocoa butter
  • NOT FAKE: Many chocolate decors on the market are actually candy, not chocolate, made of unhealthy vegetable oils and sugars. But Cacaoholic chocolate pearls are 100% real with no artificial flavors
  • MADE IN BELGIUM: We import these salted caramel chocolate pearls all the way from Belgium, sourcing the the highest quality factories
  • TASTE THE DIFFERENCE: Real chocolate pearls taste far superior than fake chocolate candy sprinkles
  • DECORATE & TEXTURIZE: These pearls are glossy and shiny! Use to decorate candy, cakes, cookies, or ice cream. Sprinkle over a latte or espresso top of with whipped cream. Or mix in your desserts to add texture and crunch, such as mousse or ice cream.
These shiny salted caramel chocolate pearls have a burst of flavor are tiny in size and giant in taste! Made with real chocolate and cocoa butter, covering a crunchy biscuit inside. Because of their elegant and glossy look, these are highly suited for decorating. Can be used as a decor to add a festive look to cakes, cookies, or ice cream. The crispy and crunchy texture makes for excellent use to mix inside your desserts. Add a crispy and crunchy texture to your mousse or ice cream.

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